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A few of our clients

Liberty Group
Wrigley Canada
Clorox Canada
Wincon Security
deVah Quartet

James Lane - Artist
BOA Apparel Inc.
Bella Clothing
Liane Thomas - Sons and Daughters
YMCA Canada
Arron Jenson - Com­poser, arranger and per­former
Ben Heppner
Sandra Chadsey - Homeopathy
The Bridge - A Markham Community Church

The word on the street:

“Craig’s ability to ‘create a feeling’ with his work while ‘communicating the message’ is second to none!His stuff is fresh, relevant, inspiring and thoughtful....and he’s a joy to work with” 
- Brent Helwig, Arts Lead. the bridge

There is an honesty about Craig Dickens photography that is rare in work so artful. Craig works hard to find the beauty in the truth. From portraiture to abstract, Craig is able to bring a deeper feeling to the finished piece that allows for the viewer to see beyond just the surface beauty and emotionally respond to what they are looking at. A rare find in an artist so dedicated to his craft and efficient in his business practices. A true gem.
- Liane Thomas, executive producer. sons and daughters productions inc.

"Craig has played a pivotal creative role in the video, design (print, web, structural) and photography development with the bridge. He will take the project objective and run with it, always creatively transforming the concept into something so much better than we anticipated. It's an absolute pleasure to work alongside him as he thinks in terms of the whole project - image, design, layout, music, structure - not just in isolated pockets
that many can sometimes bypass. His artistic and creative abilities are excellent and his innovative thinking puts him in a class of his own that far surpasses most artists I have worked with. I'm always impressed with his willingness to try new ideas and options and his wonderful sense of humour also makes him a delight to partner with."
- Katharine Lane, Communications Director, the bridge. Former Art Director for agency
HunterStraker Ltd.

"Craig has done a number of things for me, including a video that has generated great feedback. I especially appreciate his creative input, his collaborative styleand his resourcefulness in getting the job done."  
- James Lane, Abstract Artist

movingstill - motion & design | Markham, Ontario. Canada | craigdickens at rogers.com | 416-885-8209